There are many questions about home health care

If you are new to home care, we’re certain there are questions on your mind. 

  • How do I pay for home care? 
  • How often will my caregiver come to my home? 
  • Do I have a choice in home care agencies? 

We’ve answered these questions and more below. If you still have questions after reviewing our FAQs, please contact us at (765) 378-0855. We’re here to help!

Q: What is home care?

 A: Home care is defined as a health service provided in the patient’s place of residence for the purpose of promoting, maintaining, or restoring health or minimizing the effects of illness and disability. Service may include such elements as medical, dental, and nursing care; speech and physical therapy; homemaking services. The nature and extent of care needed and the ability of the patient’s family and friends to assume responsibility for that care are assessed. Nursing may be provided by a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or home health aide.

Q: How do I pay for home care?

 A: In most cases, insurance pays for some or all of your home care needs. Those with Medicaid or Medicare need to locate an agency that is certified to accept these forms of payment. There are other payment funding sources available to many people, and we encourage you to contact these agencies to discuss options available to you. Or, We can point you in the right direction during your home care consultation

Q: How often will my caregiver come to my home?

A: This depends upon your needs. Your home care agency will meet with you and prepare a plan of care based upon you specific needs. 

Q: Do I have a choice in homecare agencies?

 A: Yes, absolutely! The choice of which home care agency is completely up to you. Most people choose an agency based upon their geographic location, experience, and knowledge of their medical condition or needs. We recommend reviewing the State Department of Health’s Consumer Report for any agency you are considering ensuring they provide quality care.